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Tree Trimming Services

Tree & Shrub Trimming

You’ve seen them — shrubs that are trimmed too much, or are left leggy and with bare spots. Or trees with broken branches and dead spots. That’s the time to call a professional.

Correctly trimming and shaping shrubs and trees is an art and a science. Shrubs and flowering trees need to be trimmed at different times to encourage growth and abundant blooms. Tree trimming can be difficult, requires specialized tools and can be dangerous if the proper equipment isn’t used.

Call Kissel Landscaping when you need your trees and shrubs cleaned up. We’ll do the work and you can enjoy the results.

Did You Know…?

Did you know you should prune Spring flowering shrubs after flowering?

Plants that bloom in early spring usually produce their flower buds the year before. The buds sprout over-winter on the previous year’s growth and open in spring. If you prune these spring bloomers in fall or winter you’ll remove the flower buds and won’t have flowers that year.

Did you know you should prune Summer flowering shrubs in late Winter or early Spring?

Many summer flowering shrubs bloom on the current year’s growth. Pruning them back in later winter encourages them to produce lots of new growth that summer and will result in more flowers.

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