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Sod Shrub & Tree Care

Sod Services

Grass at commercial sites can take a beating — inconsistent watering, heavy traffic, and salt and chemicals that were applied during winter all add up to stressing the grassy areas of your commercial campus.  Sod updates are your answer!

At Kissel Landscaping, we know that sometimes the best way to get the professional, positive first impression a commercial owner wants is to do a complete site makeover. This is done by removing old grass and replacing it with fresh sod.

Shrub and Tree Services

Correctly trimming and shaping shrubs and trees is an art and a science. Shrubs and flowering trees need to be trimmed at different times to encourage growth and abundant blooms. Tree trimming can be difficult, requires specialized tools and can be dangerous if the proper equipment isn’t used.

Call Kissel Landscaping when you need your trees and shrubs trimmed.

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