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Landscape Lighting

Landscape Lighting

Lighting is often underestimated by homeowners. You give your landscape a lot of attention but without lighting, you can only see it if the sun is up. Installing exterior lighting that is designed to enhance the safety, security and style of your home is a must.

Kissel Landscaping will plan your outdoor lighting layout and determine the best locations for your lighting fixtures. A solid plan will:

  • Include spotlights to highlight key architectural features of the home
  • Showcase any specimen trees or any plants that deserve special attention
  • Enhance and outline walkways
  • Draw the eye to key parts of your outdoor area, such as seating areas, patios, arbors and pergolas

Types of Landscape Lighting

Outdoor lighting comes in a variety of types to meet every homeowners needs, and enhance the architectural design of any home. It can be daunting determining the correct type and amount of lighting. Types of lighting include:

Path Lighting
Make your walkways and paths safer by illuminating them and creating an elegant progression to your front door or throughout your yard.

This type of lighting is typically mounted in an elevated location and pointed downward to illuminate the front of a house or another large area, such as a patio.

Spot & Accent Lighting
These are used to illuminate specific plants or unique trees in your landscape. They’re also for lighting up patios, decks, pools and porches and creating a mood. Spot & Accent lights are available in a variety of colors, shapes and styles, and can be used to show off your unique taste.

Flood Lights
Flood lights illuminate your home’s architectural features or larger plantings. They typically cover a large surface area.

When you work with Kissel Landscaping, we’ll discuss the types and uses of lighting, listen to your design ideas, ask about your need for safety, and understand your budget. Then we create a lighting plan that’s right for your home.

We think your landscape should shine — day and night.

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